Integrity, By the Numbers


Hey Travis:

Still waiting to hear back from you.  I was going thru the report about all the Uber Drivers, and I found some other interesting data in those sets, care to join me on a look?


The percent of drivers selected to complete the survey that did not bother to complete it.  Just 601 of the chosen 5,500 or so completed the survey.  Some 4,900 did not answer the questions despite having a financial incentive to do so.  That’s some Uber Love, eh?  That leaves 0.0375% of the driver force represented, and this is supposed to give us a full picture of the driver force across the US and the percentage of satisfied drivers?

It’s hard to believe the demographics here, especially with:


The percent of drivers who are white, non-hispanic.

Is anyone out there getting a white driver for more than 1 out of every 3 rides?

My results as a rider certainly vary, significantly. I did get my first White Male Driver this month though.

I guess white drivers were better respondents.


The percentage of women drivers.

Yes, there is a few.  I know they exist, but I have not seen it yet either.  It’s actually a common question I get while driving, ‘Are there female drivers?’  14% seems very high,  I’ll guess white women where the most likely group to respond to the survey.


The percent of drivers that just started in the last month.  Imagine going to your favorite restaurant, and you had a 1 in 4 shot of getting a brand new server.  A brand new server who can barely find the kitchen because they are in a new area they are unfamiliar with.  A new server who watched 8 minutes worth or training videos, and is now sent out to serve customers, and has no one to talk to if a problem arises.  A brand new server who has to figure it all out for themselves, no other person to talk to when they have questions, just an email address with a 4 to 24 hour response rate, and hopefully they do not mess the whole thing up.  Need a manager?  That could be a couple days.  That doesn’t sound like a restaurant doing very well with its review on Yelp.  But then again…


As for that 78% satisfied number from your 601 drivers that did respond, I don’t know exactly how the question was asked, but I do know that ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ was one of the available responses.  Somewhat Satisfied sounds like some 3 star rating at best.  If 3 stars would hold up for your drivers, then by all means, celebrate that Somewhat Satisfied rating.


Churning and Burning through drivers.

Not just the total numbers of drivers, but because Uber is churning and burning through so many drivers, that they have on-boarded nearly 160,000 drivers in the last 5 months.  That number was required in order to maintain a total driving staff of 160,000.  How long have recent starters lasted…apparently not long.

5 months ago, there were about 100,000 drivers.  So it took hiring of 160,000 to add 60,000 drivers.  When a documented 100,000 dropping off the platform over the past 5 months, its even harder to justify that 78% satisfaction rate you’re claiming.

How many is it going to take hiring in 2015 Q1 to overcome the rate cuts?  Look forward to seeing that number.  Hope you release it!


Don’t forget, Uber has a history misleading on its numbers.

Remember that time when the media picked up how the MEDIAN NYC Uber driver was earning over $90k?  (Before any expenses of course).

uber nyc 90k

Is anyone still believing that median number now that the show the average driver has revenue under $30/Hr and just 7% are logged on for 50+ hours per week?

Would Uber lie in the numbers they present to the media?

Uber still has not recanted on that number, despite their own evidence to the contrary:

uber nyc 90k part2

This graph from Uber Data issued December 2014 shows plots for NYC drivers and their fares per hour and how many hours they worked.  With all those dots, only the ones shaded red all the way at the right had a chance at 90k/year.  That is, if they were able to keep up with 60, 70, 80 hours per week logged on.



Travis, you are still out there calling all these things JOBS and Job Creations, yet driving is still not a job.  A job comes with things, like Workman’s Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Insurance.

Occasionally, they even over things like training and counseling.

Can you stop telling people about all the Jobs you are creating.  I’m still waiting to have a discussion with an actual Uber employee over here.



When can you just tell us the truth already?  Outside of NYC, who’s making $19/hour?  Heck, even with NYC, how many drivers are clearing $19/hour on Uber after expenses?


I’ve been thru this before, I won’t bother explaining this much again, but at under $1/mile, the profit margin is under 30%, and this is just some minimum wage work heavily disguised and promoted otherwise.  I see some consequences coming on the road ahead.

When can you treat us with some respect?

Up to talk about next week: Quality


2 thoughts on “Integrity, By the Numbers

  1. Bob says:

    “When a documented 100,000 dropping off the platform over the past 5 months, its even harder to justify that 78% satisfaction rate you’re claiming.”

    Source Please



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