They are Listening!!! …(a little)


Still haven’t heard back from you yet…unless this comment was really you…

Screenshot 2015-01-16 12.07.49

Today, I went checking on craigslist…and I noticed a couple changes to your advertisements around here….

First…here’s the the image I posted in my entry, Winter Slump…..

uber cl

Now, here’s what I noticed today, with a little side by side comparison from last week to this week.

uber cl

So, lets talk about what jumps out at us first….

You changed how much your drivers can earn IN FARES in any given week.  Last week we could do up to $1500 in fares, and now we are down to earning up to $1000 in fares.  Of course that’s really just around $720 in revenue if you really could make that much on UberX.  And finally, your real true income is just around $216 after clearing all expenses.  But its hard to get excited about $4.32/hour, even if there is a company car involved, so I see why you go with the misleading route and ignore all driver expenses in every business decision.

Did anyone else notice that other little subtle change to show they are reading???

Now if you are a Spanish speaker, they stopped trying to tell you that you could earn even more!  Or that you were more capable of working 70-80 hour work weeks.  So there is no imaginary bonus for speaking Spanish anymore.  To my spanish speakers: Sorry if I had gotten your hopes up.

I think it was a wise move of your staff Travis, to stop throwing in how much more you could make, but only in Spanish.  You got called out for advertising more earnings in Spanish, and your team took action!  Congrats on a small step on doing the right thing.

I’ll send you a bill for the consulting fee.  At .16/min, you owe me a solid $1.60 for the few minutes it took me to type that up.  After your 20% commission back on it, just make it $1.28.  It’ll help with the $10.00/week phone charge since I’m not using it as much these days.

Travis, anyway, you are welcome again.  I happy to see someone on your staff is listening.  As always, look forward to hearing from you.



Your writer is a driver on the Uber system in Miami on a part time basis.    At this time, the author wishes to remain anonymous as criticism of Uber in a social space has had other drivers deactivated.  He has not yet totally given up on Uber, and hopes they can right their wrongs, learn to treat its ‘partners’ with respect, and continue to drive on a part time basis.  And if that does not work, he is ready to start work to beat Uber at its own game.  Any media inquiries or requests for evidence to ensure I am indeed a driver may be made via the below contact details. For questions and further comment, he can be reached at or via direct message on Twitter at @UberDriverMiami


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